i'm a percussion artist


Hi there, I'm Zac Brunell, a Detroit-based percussion artist, improviser, art music promoter, and graphic designer. I run the Detroit Bureau of Sound and collaborate with a truly amazing variety of musicians in this renaissance of the Motor City.

I do concerts that sound "...raw as mating bull elephants" according to the Lansing City Pulse. My performances feature avant garde music that encapsulates life in the present day - I try to feature sounds of living composers that experience modern life the same way we all do, that exist in the present day with the same struggles and triumphs as all of us.

The music of Iannis Xenakis is important to me because he was a master of his craft. I'm grateful to perform the music of geniuses like Xenakis, Nathan Davis, David Lang, John Cage, Margaret Evangeline, etc.

I'm interested in bringing people
into a space to see how music can
make their lives better.

Everyone can have
a deeper relationship
with sound


I am very pleased to announce my coming-on-board with Michigan ArtShareIt's a terrific group whose goal is to build bridges between artists of all kinds to the communities and organizations that make the art possible. Along with my role as manager of their Social Media and PR, I am an Associate Artist with the organization, which gives me a great deal of freedom to continue to perform! Over the summer, I will be transitioning my work to the City of Detroit in order to contribute interesting, compelling collaborations with the local scene down there.

Anybody looking for an Arts Administrator? Check out my resume, linked




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